Donor-funded tech to take down human traffickers.

DeliverFund equips law enforcement with breakthrough technology to fight injustice at scale.

Attacking trafficking networks

Training law enforcement

Unleashing smarter technology

The only solution to stop human trafficking is to stop traffickers

While traditional agencies focus on rescuing victims, DeliverFund equips the only people with the power to arrest traffickers–law enforcement. Our breakthrough tech tracks down human traffickers and unites law enforcement in the fight.

Join our community to protect women and children

Human traffickers hijack human dignity. We fight to protect women and children from predators, but we can’t do it without your support. If you are passionate about supporting real-world solutions to this complex crisis, we’re honored to have you join this fight.

Real solutions to end human trafficking

DeliverFund builds smarter, scalable solutions to combat a global crisis.


Using methodology from our special operations backgrounds, we work to end trafficking at its source–human traffickers.


Only law enforcement can arrest human traffickers. It’s why we train and equip our law enforcement partners, the unsung heroes on the frontlines.


We are revolutionizing the fight with proprietary tech and the largest analyst-curated human trafficking database.

Our team has special ops chops

We’re a team of special ops veterans, former intelligence professionals, former law enforcement, analysts and engineers.

We’re data-driven and on a mission to end the horrors of human trafficking. 

You can combat human trafficking

Explore three simple ways to show your support and join a community committed to change.


Your donation will equip law enforcement with the tools they need to take down criminals.


Rally your friends and family around the solution to ending human trafficking in our lifetime.


You’ll look sharp and show support for a great cause. All proceeds directly fund the fight to end human trafficking.